Monday, July 27, 2015

Crab in da bag dinner

Yesterday I had a farewell dinner with my colleagues at crab in da bag restaurant. Yep that's the restaurant name. It has very unique concept of eating and it was so much fun. Love it.
We are doing this farewell dinner for three of us, and I'm one of them. My last day of work is August 6th and then I won't be working til February next year. Woohoo me! Boohoo bank account 😞
Anyway, there was 17 of us in the restaurant. We shared all the food and it was so nice of them to combine the tables together. We were all sitting at one very large table!
The concept. It's ocean or sea themed, so you can expect to see anchor, fishing nets, bouy etc. And they mainly serve seafood. It's really fresh!
The unique thing bout this restaurant is we eat off the table and we use our hands! No cutleries or whatsoever. You literally eat off the table. It's gonna get messy and sticky and greasy but it's soooo much fun.
We were given a bib and thought how to use it. They put a layer of baking paper like material over our table and food is serve on it. No plates no bowls. Baking paper that's it. Here have a look.
   Ugh can't really tell. But anyway, we ordered three pots of fresh seafood!
One titanic pot that serves 6 and 2 gigantic pots that serve 4 each. It's not cheap btw. Titanic pot costs $420 and gigantic pot cost $320. Total bill came up to about $1.6k for 17 pax.
Okay so we ordered that and about 15 mins later the food came. Whenever they serve a big pot, they will ring the bell and say "ahoy" very loudly, we were all so excited because we know the food is coming! Haha
We took quite abit of photos and I will show you   Me in my bib. Super excited!    First pot in
  Well both pot already in. And it's squeezing lemon time. Mal said that's my favourite hobby. Because when we're in Vietnam, all the pics he took of me was when I was squeezing lemon! Alol  Me telling my friend not to mess with me lobster 😂 hangry (hungry + angry) Gan alert
Hot lemon! Ouch!! I literally threw it back on the table and five seconds later, pick it up again and continuing squeezing. Try doing that in a hawker center. yuck!  Oh second pot in now
 And tadaaaa two pots of fresh seafood! The third pot came on at bout 1 hour later. We ordered it last minute.
As you can see there was a lot of different types of seafood. Lobsters, crabs, yabbies, cray fish, mussels, clams, big prawns, squid, and Alaskan King crab leg. All these comes with a few side dish such as corn, potatoes, onion and bratwurst. All boiled with lemon. Hmmmm super good.
 Check out my lobster tail! Super good. Oh here look.  Me and Mr Krabs! Sorry spongebob 😊
Oh it also comes in three different dipping sauce. I love the green chili one. Spicy and sour. Yummy!
  The before feasting pic

And this is the after math. So messy and so fun!
 This is the third pot. Hehe
It's a very cool concept. We don't have to worry bout looking good while we eat or whether you use the right fork for your salad! We all just dig in with out hands 😁
And passing food is so much fun. We literal throw the food across the table. For instance after I peeled the lobster off, my friend from across the table wants part of the meat. I just toss it over like how I would toss a ping pong ball in an arcade game. So cool and kinda rude but who cares. It's okay when you're dining in crab in da bag. Not elsewhere tho.
Another cool part is when I was squeezing the lemon, my hand got burn because of the hot lemon. I just throw it on the table and pick it up again and continue squeezing like nothing happened. Lol.
Another friend of mine is even worse. Her food was too hot for her and she just spit it out on the table and then eat it again hahahaha not spit spit. Just put it back down on the table and eat it again. Lol
Was a great night and it was a great place to do big gathering and dinner. Super cool. RealIy love it!  Great view too. Glass wall that overlook the ocean. Hehe
I would recommend it to everyone but I will tell them it won't be cheap.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Harry Potter Studio Tour, London (part 1)

Haven't been blogging lately, and by lately I mean a couple of years.

Anyway, I believe this is a post worth posting or sharing.

Last month I went a super long holiday to England and a few countries around Europe (Poland-Italy-Spain). One of the highlight of this trip is of course, The Making of Harry Potter at Warner Bros. Studio, London.

I told him that it doesn't really matter what I do or where I go, as long as I get to visit this studio then I am alright. He said yes, he will make it happen and he did.

So we pre-booked our entrance ticket a few weeks earlier because I heard from a friend of mine it sells out very quickly especially the weekend. We went on a Friday and it was already quite full. We took the 12pm slot as that is the earliest one available. They have about 100 tickets available for every half hour slot. Imagine we were trying to book this a few weeks before and yet the first four slots is gone! Madness.

This is how much it cost. We ordered the audio digital guide (for him) as well as a paperback souvenier guide (for me). It includes a book on how they turn the studio into a tour museum. I am a big fan so whatever I can lay my hands on I will get it.

So, on the 19th we woke up at bout 7am and head out to Watford, London. We drove from St Helens to London. It takes us 4 hours to get there. We arrived shortly before 12 and we quickly queue to get our ticket printed from the machine. 

We also need to queue to collect the digital guide and keep our bags and coats in their locker. Its free. You cant bring any food or drinks in and bags are not allowed. We only have a backpack so we just leave it there. 

This is how it looks like at the entrance (Ignore my silly face. This is the only entrance picture I have)

Do you see that queue. That is the 11.30am slot. It takes bout 20mins for them to queue there before entering to the studio. We started queuing at about 12.12pm and by the time we enter to the studio, its already 12.40pm! Ugh 40 mins wasted.

They are smart enough to leave some props at the side of the line to entertain us. Guess what it is? 


They have everything in. His boots, his glasses, his toys, his books and everything. Wow. *heavy breathing* I need to constantly remind myself that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Like the teeny tiny tip. If I get this excited now I think I am going to faint when I am actually in. Alol (stands for actually laughing out loud, he came up with it and we cant stop using it! Alol)

Next we were all huddled into this big room where they tell us the dos and donts. They also show some welcoming speech on the wall screen. 

Next, *heavy breathing again* we went into this cinema like room where we have to be seated and watch a 10 mins long film. More welcoming speech and a little bit more about the studio. Its like an introduction to the tour. Like the index to book. 

When its over, we were asked to stand and the staff was being funny and said something like "Alright now folks. The end. Thank you for coming and have a lovely day"and she showed us the exit. I was like what! He laughed because I was actually irritated by that. Alol 

They then rolled up the screen and this is what we see. 

The door of The Great Hall of Hogwarts. Then you can hear the hogwarts theme song playing in the background *heart was beating as hard a Michael Pelp after his 20th lap of butterfly stroke*

A lucky girl was called out to open the door and unfortunately it wasnt me. Well it was her birthday I guess she deserved it. 

When the door open, its like omg. I am in the great hall. Like I am LITERALLY in the Great Hall. It looks exactly like what I see in all the 8 films and what I imagine it would be in all the 7 books!! And the details….is just mind blowing. You thought they would CGI some of the objects but nope. They are all hand crafted, made and tangible. 

Hehe. Me in the empty Great Hall. It is actually bigger than it looks. The floor is actually made from concrete bricks that was used to build the castle! 

Next is the studio. Hair, make up, ceiling deco and many many probs.

Harry's dormitory. By the time they film Order of Phoenix, all the boys have already outgrow their bed!

Ronald Weasley's trunk

 Gryffindor common room

Dumbledore's office. Probably the only principal I dont mind being sent to see. Look at how cool his revolving phoenix door is!

The rest of the props and area

Potion classroom

Hagrids hut

The burrow. It looks really cozy =)

Death Eaters mask. Dont like it. Cool but creepy

Ministry of Magic. The green marble wall is really cool. According to him that is his favourite bit. I like the Great Hall still.

 Well well well, isnt she the person we all love to hate.

 The Blacks

This is the end of the part 1 indoor studio. Next is the outdoor bit like the bus and bridge and Privet Drive.

... to be continued.....