Monday, October 5, 2009

Medan Ikan Bakar, Alai, Melaka

Went for ikan bakar treat with my family in Melaka.

  1. Pari bakar biasa
  2. Pari bakar sambal
  3. Kembong bakar biasa
  4. Cencaru bakar biasa
  5. Scallop goreng cili padi kunyit (awesome)
  6. Sotong goreng tepung
  7. Nasi lemak
Serve with black tamarind,soy and black soy sauce with lime and onion (awesome too)

Came up to about RM54

Everyone came back with a big fat round tummy. Statisfied? Hell yeah!

Wide variety of seafood cho
The burning seafood place.
Fresh scallops!

This is how the eating place looks like
It tastes better than it looks. Trust me

Just for fun picture
Mummy still enjoying her food. We greedy dinosaur ate our food instead of enjoying it.

*The end*


GraceG . YiWen said...


Trisher said...

do you have map to direct to there? And may I know what is the restaurant name? I wish to go there.

Mr Azizan said...

can u give me a gps cordinat

Mr Azizan said...

can you give me a cordinat, and send to my email